RSX5011 Flight Status
Status: Arrived
00hTue, 21 Mar 2023 00:02:48 +010048 02m023

Flight Details

Red Sea Airlines Flight RSX5011 from Sharm el Sheikh to Copenhagen. Duration Sharm el Sheikh Copenhagen 4:03. Distance Airport Sharm el Sheikh to Airport Copenhagen 3530 km / 2193 miles. More RS flights on Red Sea Airlines Flight Tracker.

RSX5011 Flight Status
Terminal -- Gate --
Terminal -- Gate --
Local time 18:46 (EET)
Local time 17:46 (CET)
Scheduled Departure
11:15 your time
Scheduled Arrival
16:36 your time
Revised Departure
11:35 your time
Revised Arrival
16:38 your time

Red Sea Airlines RSX5011 / RSX5011 Flight details & Flight status

The international Red Sea Airlines flight RSX5011 / RSX5011 departs from Sharm el Sheikh [SSH], Egypt and flies to Copenhagen [CPH], Denmark.

The estimated flight duration is 4:03 hours and the distance is 3530 kilometers.

Departure is today 3/21/2023 at 12:35 EET at Sharm el Sheikh from Terminal -- Gate --.

Scheduled RSX5011 / RSX5011 arrival is today 03/21/2023 at 16:38 CET at Copenhagen Airport at Terminal -- Gate --.

DateFlightfromtoDepartureArrival Status
03-19-2023 RSX5011 Sharm el Sheikh Copenhagen 12:35 16:38
+ 2 Min
03-12-2023 RSX5011 Sharm el Sheikh Copenhagen 14:30 18:36
+ 8 Min
03-05-2023 RSX5011 Sharm el Sheikh Copenhagen 13:56 17:53
+ 39 Min

What is the current flight status of RSX5011?

The current flight status of RSX5011 is arrived.

What is the current departure and arrival time of Air Seoul RSX5011?

Flight RSX5011 departure is 12:35 (Mar 19) and the arrival is 16:38 (Mar 19).

How long does the flight RSX5011 from Sharm el Sheikh to Copenhagen take?

The average flight duration from Sharm el Sheikh to Copenhagen is 4 hours and 58 minutes. The flight distance is 3530 km / 2193 miles.

What is the average delay of flight RSX5011?

The average delay of flight RSX5011 is 16 minutes and the on-time rate is 0%.

What is the airline of RSX5011?

The airline of RSX5011 is Air Seoul. View Air Seoul Flight Status

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