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Air India Express Flight from Kannur to Dubai. Duration 01:49. Distance 2589 km / 1608 miles
IX1743 Flight Status
Terminal -- Gate --
Terminal 2 Gate --
United Arab Emirates
Local time 23:03 (IST)
Local time 21:33 (+04)
Scheduled Departure
16:00 your time
Scheduled Arrival
19:55 your time
Revised Departure
16:08 your time
Revised Arrival
19:27 your time

IX1743 / AXB1743 Flight details & Flight status

The international Air India Express flight IX1743 / AXB1743 departs from Kannur [CNN], India and flies to Dubai [DXB], United Arab Emirates.

The estimated flight duration is 01:49 hours and the distance is 2589 kilometers.

Departure is today 10/27/2020 at 20:38 IST at Kannur from Terminal -- Gate --.

Scheduled IX1743 / AXB1743 arrival is today 10/27/2020 at 22:27 +04 at Dubai Airport at Terminal 2 Gate --.

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DateFlightfromtoDepartureArrival Status
10-09-2020 IX1743 Kannur Dubai 20:30 22:27
09-18-2020 IX1743 Kannur Dubai 16:30 22:31
+ 216 Min
09-05-2020 IX1743 Kannur Dubai 15:05 17:04

What is the current flight status of IX1743?

The current flight status of IX1743 is arrived.

What is the current departure and arrival time of IX1743?

Flight IX1743 departure is 20:38 (Oct 09) and the arrival is 22:27 (Oct 09).

How long does the flight IX1743 from Kannur to Dubai take?

The average flight duration from Kannur to Dubai is 3 hours and 20 minutes. The flight distance is 2589 km / 1608 miles.

What is the average delay of flight IX1743?

The average delay of flight IX1743 is 216 minutes and the on-time rate is 66%.

What is the airline of IX1743?

The airline of IX1743 is Air India Express.


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