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Pegas Fly Flight from New Delhi to Moscow. Duration 04:00. Distance 4364 km / 2711 miles
EO6814 Flight Status
Terminal -- Gate --
Terminal -- Gate --
Russian Federation
Local time 13:23 (IST)
Local time 10:53 (MSK)
Scheduled Departure
01:20 your time
Scheduled Arrival
07:50 your time
Revised Departure
01:20 your time
Revised Arrival
07:50 your time

EO6814 / AEO6814 Flight details & Flight status

The international Pegas Fly flight EO6814 / AEO6814 departs from New Delhi [DEL], India and flies to Moscow [SVO], Russian Federation.

The estimated flight duration is 04:00 hours and the distance is 4364 kilometers.

Departure is today 9/25/2020 at 4:50 IST at Indira Gandhi from Terminal -- Gate --.

Scheduled EO6814 / AEO6814 arrival is today 09/25/2020 at 8:50 MSK at Sheremetyevo Airport at Terminal -- Gate --.

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DateFlightfromtoDepartureArrival Status
09-11-2020 EO6814 New Delhi Moscow 04:50 08:50
09-03-2020 EO6814 New Delhi Moscow 22:30 07:50

What is the current flight status of EO6814?

The current flight status of EO6814 is cancelled.

What is the current departure and arrival time of EO6814?

Flight EO6814 departure is 4:50 (Sep 11) and the arrival is 8:50 (Sep 11).

How long does the flight EO6814 from New Delhi to Moscow take?

The average flight duration from New Delhi to Moscow is 9 hours and 10 minutes. The flight distance is 4364 km / 2711 miles.

What is the average delay of flight EO6814?

The average delay of flight EO6814 is 0 minutes and the on-time rate is 100%.

What is the airline of EO6814?

The airline of EO6814 is Pegas Fly.


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