Flight Statistics

Here are some interesting airport and flight statistics. You are welcome to use the statistics on your website or publication with citation of source.

Active Flights — All flights which are currently active. These can be flights in the air or flights which are currently on the runway.
Delayed — Active flights which are delayed by at least 15 minutes
Cancelled — All flights which have been cancelled

The busiest Airports in the World

This chart shows the most active airports worldwide. Each landing and takeoff counts for the airport. You can set the viewing period between 1-12 months and choose between the 10-100 top airports.

The busiest Airlines in the World

The following chart shows the world's most frequently used airlines. Every landing or takeoff counts for the airline.

Airports with the highest average delay

Here you can see the airports with the highest average delay in minutes. According to international standards, a delay is only counted from 15 minutes and above.

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