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Shanghai Pudong Airport departures (PVG)

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Shanghai Airport arrivals
  • Airport information: Shanghai Pudong | IATA: PVG | ICAO: ZSPD | City: Shanghai | Country: China
  • Departure flight schedule times & departure time according to the Shanghai Pudong timetable.
  • The following flights will soon take off from Shanghai Airport (Shanghai Pudong):

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* Local time Shanghai: (+6)
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NZ 3802Chongqing [CKG]Air New Zealand20:0019:34ACTIVEsearch
ZH 4556Chongqing [CKG]Shenzhen Airlines20:0019:34ACTIVEsearch
CA 4556Chongqing [CKG]Air China LTD20:0019:34ACTIVEsearch
DL 6494Dalian [DLC]Delta Air Lines20:0020:28SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 28 Min
EY 1022Dalian [DLC]Etihad Airways20:0020:28SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 28 Min
KL 8733Dalian [DLC]KLM20:0020:28SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 28 Min
MU 5673Dalian [DLC]China Eastern Airlin20:0020:28SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 28 Min
KL 4510Qingdao [TAO]KLM20:0020:19SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 19 Min
CZ 6226Qingdao [TAO]China Southern Airli20:0020:19SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 19 Min
HO 3189Kaohsiung City [KHH]Juneyao Airlines20:0520:15SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 10 Min
BR 705Kaohsiung City [KHH]EVA Air20:0520:15SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 10 Min
CX 5897Hong Kong [HKG]Cathay Pacific20:0520:20SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 15 Min
KA 897Hong Kong [HKG]Cathay Dragon20:0520:20SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 15 Min
B7 7017Taipei [TPE]UNI Air20:0520:19SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 14 Min
CA 5521Taipei [TPE]Air China LTD20:0520:19SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 14 Min
HO 3187Taipei [TPE]Juneyao Airlines20:0520:19SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 14 Min
BR 721Taipei [TPE]EVA Air20:0520:19SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 14 Min
MU 4695Xiamen [XMN]China Eastern Airlin20:0520:34SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 29 Min
HO 1388Xiamen [XMN]Juneyao Airlines20:0520:34SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 29 Min
9C 8983Dayong [DYG]Spring Airlines20:1019:39ACTIVEsearch
CA 7211Los Angeles [LAX]Air China LTD20:1020:01ACTIVEsearch
UA 199Los Angeles [LAX]United Airlines20:1020:01ACTIVEsearch
JD 5666Lijiang City [LJG]Beijing Capital Airl20:1021:30SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 1:20
AF 5281Melbourne [MEL]Air France20:1520:34SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 19 Min
QF 342Melbourne [MEL]Qantas20:1520:34SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 19 Min
MU 737Melbourne [MEL]China Eastern Airlin20:1520:34SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 19 Min
LH 7290Chengdu [CTU]Lufthansa20:1520:34SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 19 Min
NZ 3816Chengdu [CTU]Air New Zealand20:1520:34SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 19 Min
ZH 4514Chengdu [CTU]Shenzhen Airlines20:1520:34SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 19 Min
CA 4514Chengdu [CTU]Air China LTD20:1520:34SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 19 Min
MU 9343Dayong [DYG]China Eastern Airlin20:1520:41SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 26 Min
FM 9343Dayong [DYG]Shanghai Airlines20:1520:41SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 26 Min
AF 5252Sydney [SYD]Air France20:2020:38SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 18 Min
LA 8744Sydney [SYD]LATAM Airlines20:2020:38SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 18 Min
QF 300Sydney [SYD]Qantas20:2020:38SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 18 Min
MU 561Sydney [SYD]China Eastern Airlin20:2020:38SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 18 Min
BA 2014Changchun [CGQ]British Airways20:2020:25SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 5 Min
DL 7823Changchun [CGQ]Delta Air Lines20:2020:25SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 5 Min
MU 3406Changchun [CGQ]China Eastern Airlin20:2020:25SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 5 Min
CZ 6554Changchun [CGQ]China Southern Airli20:2020:25SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 5 Min
DL 6390New York [JFK]Delta Air Lines20:2020:28SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 8 Min
MU 297New York [JFK]China Eastern Airlin20:2020:28SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 8 Min
MU 9341Dayong [DYG]China Eastern Airlin20:2020:27SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 7 Min
FM 9341Dayong [DYG]Shanghai Airlines20:2020:27SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 7 Min
MU 5794Luzhou [LZO]China Eastern Airlin20:2520:43SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 18 Min
VN 529Da Nang [DAD]Vietnam Airlines20:2520:26SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 1 Min
3U 8306Harbin [HRB]Sichuan Airlines20:3020:45SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 15 Min
NS 3218Shijiazhuang [SJW]Hebei Airlines20:3521:04SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 29 Min
CA 5471Macau [MFM]Air China LTD20:4020:47SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 7 Min
ZH 3371Macau [MFM]Shenzhen Airlines20:4020:47SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 7 Min
NX 101Macau [MFM]Air Macau20:4020:47SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 7 Min
CI 584Kaohsiung City [KHH]China Airlines20:4520:51SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 6 Min
9C 6173Shantou [SWA]Spring Airlines20:5020:50SCHEDULEDsearch
DL 7797Haikou [HAK]Delta Air Lines20:5021:14SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 24 Min
KL 4542Haikou [HAK]KLM20:5021:14SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 24 Min
MU 3263Haikou [HAK]China Eastern Airlin20:5021:14SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 24 Min
CZ 6766Haikou [HAK]China Southern Airli20:5021:14SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 24 Min
AA 7096Sanya [SYX]American Airlines20:5021:06SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 16 Min
KL 4351Sanya [SYX]KLM20:5021:06SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 16 Min
CZ 6782Sanya [SYX]China Southern Airli20:5021:06SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 16 Min
AA 7082Shenyang [SHE]American Airlines20:5521:02SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 7 Min
DL 7794Shenyang [SHE]Delta Air Lines20:5521:02SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 7 Min
CZ 6508Shenyang [SHE]China Southern Airli20:5521:02SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 7 Min
AA 7071Changsha [CSX]American Airlines20:5521:50SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 55 Min
KL 4386Changsha [CSX]KLM20:5521:50SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 55 Min
MU 3428Changsha [CSX]China Eastern Airlin20:5521:50SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 55 Min
CZ 3970Changsha [CSX]China Southern Airli20:5521:50SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 55 Min
ZH 4564Guiyang [KWE]Shenzhen Airlines20:5521:20SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 25 Min
CA 4564Guiyang [KWE]Air China LTD20:5521:20SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 25 Min

⚠ Upon departure from Shanghai Pudong Airport, the following delays will occur during the selected time period:

FLIGHT MU5673 DL6494 EY1022 KL8733 from Shanghai to Dalian is 28 minutes late

FLIGHT CZ6226 KL4510 from Shanghai to Qingdao is 19 minutes late

FLIGHT BR705 HO3189 from Shanghai to Kaohsiung City is 10 minutes late

FLIGHT KA897 CX5897 from Shanghai to Hong Kong is 15 minutes late

FLIGHT BR721 B77017 CA5521 HO3187 from Shanghai to Taipei is 14 minutes late

FLIGHT HO1388 MU4695 from Shanghai to Xiamen is 29 minutes late

FLIGHT JD5666 from Shanghai to Lijiang City is 1:20 hour(s) late

FLIGHT MU737 AF5281 QF342 from Shanghai to Melbourne is 19 minutes late

FLIGHT CA4514 LH7290 NZ3816 ZH4514 from Shanghai to Chengdu is 19 minutes late

FLIGHT FM9343 MU9343 from Shanghai to Dayong is 26 minutes late

FLIGHT MU561 AF5252 LA8744 QF300 from Shanghai to Sydney is 18 minutes late

FLIGHT CZ6554 BA2014 DL7823 MU3406 from Shanghai to Changchun is 05 minutes late

FLIGHT MU297 DL6390 from Shanghai to New York is 08 minutes late

FLIGHT FM9341 MU9341 from Shanghai to Dayong is 07 minutes late

FLIGHT MU5794 from Shanghai to Luzhou is 18 minutes late

FLIGHT VN529 from Shanghai to Da Nang is 01 minutes late

FLIGHT 3U8306 from Shanghai to Harbin is 15 minutes late

FLIGHT NS3218 from Shanghai to Shijiazhuang is 29 minutes late

FLIGHT NX101 CA5471 ZH3371 from Shanghai to Macau is 07 minutes late

FLIGHT CI584 from Shanghai to Kaohsiung City is 06 minutes late

FLIGHT CZ6766 DL7797 KL4542 MU3263 from Shanghai to Haikou is 24 minutes late

FLIGHT CZ6782 AA7096 KL4351 from Shanghai to Sanya is 16 minutes late

FLIGHT CZ6508 AA7082 DL7794 from Shanghai to Shenyang is 07 minutes late

FLIGHT CZ3970 AA7071 KL4386 MU3428 from Shanghai to Changsha is 55 minutes late

FLIGHT CA4564 ZH4564 from Shanghai to Guiyang is 25 minutes late

All departures, delays and cancellations of Shanghai Pudong Airport (PVG). The actual departure time can be found in the departure column. If a flight is canceled or delayed, you will find the flight status in the status column.