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New York John F. Kennedy Airport departures (JFK)

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New York Airport arrivals
  • Airport information: New York John F. Kennedy | IATA: JFK | ICAO: KJFK | City: New York | Country: United States
  • Departure flight schedule times & departure time according to the New York John F. Kennedy timetable.
  • The following flights will soon take off from New York Airport (John F. Kennedy):

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* Local time in New York: (-6)
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AF 6759London [LHR]Air France22:0022:28SCHEDULEDdelay
DL 4377London [LHR]Delta Air Lines22:0022:28SCHEDULEDdelay
KL 4828London [LHR]KLM22:0022:28SCHEDULEDdelay
SQ 2510London [LHR]Singapore Airlines22:0022:28SCHEDULEDdelay
VS 10London [LHR]Virgin Atlantic22:0022:28SCHEDULEDdelay
LO 27Warsaw [WAW]LOT - Polish Airline22:0022:28SCHEDULEDdelay
AB B27Warsaw [WAW]Air Belgium22:0022:28SCHEDULEDdelay
HF 3513Abidjan [ABJ]Air Cote DIvoire22:0022:13SCHEDULEDdelay
ET 513Abidjan [ABJ]Ethiopian Airlines22:0022:13SCHEDULEDdelay
AA 6150London [LGW]American Airlines22:0022:13CANCELLEDdelay
AY 5432London [LGW]Finnair22:0022:13CANCELLEDdelay
EI 8272London [LGW]Aer Lingus22:0022:13CANCELLEDdelay
IB 7628London [LGW]Iberia22:0022:13CANCELLEDdelay
BA 2272London [LGW]British Airways22:0022:13CANCELLEDdelay
AF 3454Toronto [YYZ]Air France22:0021:55SCHEDULED
AZ 5857Toronto [YYZ]Alitalia22:0021:55SCHEDULED
KE 7409Toronto [YYZ]Korean Air22:0021:55SCHEDULED
KL 7550Toronto [YYZ]KLM22:0021:55SCHEDULED
VS 4693Toronto [YYZ]Virgin Atlantic22:0021:55SCHEDULED
WS 6335Toronto [YYZ]WestJet22:0021:55SCHEDULED
DL 5542Toronto [YYZ]Delta Air Lines22:0021:55SCHEDULED
9E 5542Toronto [YYZ]Endeavor Air22:0021:55SCHEDULED
AF 2924Buffalo [BUF]Air France22:0021:55SCHEDULED
AZ 3205Buffalo [BUF]Alitalia22:0021:55SCHEDULED
KL 5584Buffalo [BUF]KLM22:0021:55SCHEDULED
VS 3148Buffalo [BUF]Virgin Atlantic22:0021:55SCHEDULED
WS 7671Buffalo [BUF]WestJet22:0021:55SCHEDULED
DL 5089Buffalo [BUF]Delta Air Lines22:0021:55SCHEDULED
9E 5089Buffalo [BUF]Endeavor Air22:0021:55SCHEDULED
AF 2439Baltimore [BWI]Air France22:0021:55SCHEDULED
AZ 3143Baltimore [BWI]Alitalia22:0021:55SCHEDULED
KL 7036Baltimore [BWI]KLM22:0021:55SCHEDULED
VS 4607Baltimore [BWI]Virgin Atlantic22:0021:55SCHEDULED
WS 6834Baltimore [BWI]WestJet22:0021:55SCHEDULED
DL 5397Baltimore [BWI]Delta Air Lines22:0021:55SCHEDULED
9E 5397Baltimore [BWI]Endeavor Air22:0021:55SCHEDULED
LH 5189Dusseldorf [DUS]Lufthansa22:0023:10SCHEDULEDdelay
UA 9681Dusseldorf [DUS]United Airlines22:0023:10SCHEDULEDdelay
EW 1101Dusseldorf [DUS]Eurowings22:0023:10SCHEDULEDdelay
SN 1101Dusseldorf [DUS]Brussels Airlines22:0023:10SCHEDULEDdelay
AF 3661Lisbon [LIS]Air France22:0022:30SCHEDULEDdelay
KL 6091Lisbon [LIS]KLM22:0022:30SCHEDULEDdelay
DL 272Lisbon [LIS]Delta Air Lines22:0022:30SCHEDULEDdelay
DE 5849Manchester [MAN]Condor22:0022:00SCHEDULED
MT 2849Manchester [MAN]Thomas Cook Airlines22:0022:00SCHEDULED
AF 8451Amsterdam [AMS]Air France22:0022:00SCHEDULED
DL 9392Amsterdam [AMS]Delta Air Lines22:0022:00SCHEDULED
VS 6829Amsterdam [AMS]Virgin Atlantic22:0022:00SCHEDULED
KL 644Amsterdam [AMS]KLM22:0022:00SCHEDULED
DL 6744Madrid [MAD]Delta Air Lines22:0522:00SCHEDULED
UX 92Madrid [MAD]Air Europa22:0522:00SCHEDULED
AT 9584Austintown [AUS]Royal Air Maroc22:0522:05SCHEDULED
EI 5000Austintown [AUS]Aer Lingus22:0522:05SCHEDULED
EK 6777Austintown [AUS]Emirates22:0522:05SCHEDULED
EY 8257Austintown [AUS]Etihad Airways22:0522:05SCHEDULED
FI 7807Austintown [AUS]Icelandair22:0522:05SCHEDULED
JL 5942Austintown [AUS]JAL22:0522:05SCHEDULED
QR 3935Austintown [AUS]Qatar Airways22:0522:05SCHEDULED
SQ 1473Austintown [AUS]Singapore Airlines22:0522:05SCHEDULED
TP 4255Austintown [AUS]TAP Air Portugal22:0522:05SCHEDULED
B6 1295Austintown [AUS]JetBlue Airways22:0522:05SCHEDULED
DY 7002Oslo [OSL]Norwegian Air Shuttl22:0522:05SCHEDULED
L1 E7002Oslo [OSL]Norwegian Air Sweden22:0522:05SCHEDULED
AF 3657Dublin [DUB]Air France22:0922:20SCHEDULEDdelay
KL 6192Dublin [DUB]KLM22:0922:20SCHEDULEDdelay
DL 44Dublin [DUB]Delta Air Lines22:0922:20SCHEDULEDdelay
B6 2859Kingston [KIN]JetBlue Airways22:1122:11SCHEDULED
B6 5010Milan [MXP]JetBlue Airways22:2022:20SCHEDULED
EK 206Milan [MXP]Emirates22:2022:20SCHEDULED
DY 7022Paris [CDG]Norwegian Air Shuttl22:3022:30SCHEDULED
DL 3466Burlington [BTV]Delta Air Lines22:3022:30SCHEDULED
9E 3466Burlington [BTV]Endeavor Air22:3022:30SCHEDULED
B6 1809Santo Domingo [SDQ]JetBlue Airways22:3022:30SCHEDULED
KL 7638Portland [PWM]KLM22:3022:30SCHEDULED
DL 3437Portland [PWM]Delta Air Lines22:3022:30SCHEDULED
9E 3437Portland [PWM]Endeavor Air22:3022:30SCHEDULED
CX 7698Sao Paulo [GRU]Cathay Pacific22:4022:30SCHEDULED
JJ 8405Sao Paulo [GRU]LATAM Airlines Brasi22:4022:30SCHEDULED
JL 7200Sao Paulo [GRU]JAL22:4022:30SCHEDULED
AA 951Sao Paulo [GRU]American Airlines22:4022:30SCHEDULED
AT 9538Los Angeles [LAX]Royal Air Maroc22:4422:44SCHEDULED
HA 2305Los Angeles [LAX]Hawaiian Airlines22:4422:44SCHEDULED
B6 1823Los Angeles [LAX]JetBlue Airways22:4422:44SCHEDULED
AF 3675Shannon [SNN]Air France22:4522:44SCHEDULED
KL 6154Shannon [SNN]KLM22:4522:44SCHEDULED
DL 206Shannon [SNN]Delta Air Lines22:4522:44SCHEDULED
AY 4016London [LHR]Finnair22:4522:44SCHEDULED
BA 1515London [LHR]British Airways22:4522:44SCHEDULED
GF 6604London [LHR]Gulf Air22:4522:44SCHEDULED
IB 4220London [LHR]Iberia22:4522:44SCHEDULED
LY 8053London [LHR]El Al22:4522:44SCHEDULED
AA 104London [LHR]American Airlines22:4522:44SCHEDULED
AT 9616Rochester [ROC]Royal Air Maroc22:5022:50SCHEDULED
EI 5066Rochester [ROC]Aer Lingus22:5022:50SCHEDULED
EK 6807Rochester [ROC]Emirates22:5022:50SCHEDULED
EY 8327Rochester [ROC]Etihad Airways22:5022:50SCHEDULED
HA 2024Rochester [ROC]Hawaiian Airlines22:5022:50SCHEDULED
JL 5934Rochester [ROC]JAL22:5022:50SCHEDULED
QR 4129Rochester [ROC]Qatar Airways22:5022:50SCHEDULED
SQ 1466Rochester [ROC]Singapore Airlines22:5022:50SCHEDULED
TK 8983Rochester [ROC]Turkish Airlines22:5022:50SCHEDULED
B6 486Rochester [ROC]JetBlue Airways22:5022:50SCHEDULED
EK 6409Worcester [ORH]Emirates22:5022:50SCHEDULED
EY 8359Worcester [ORH]Etihad Airways22:5022:50SCHEDULED
QR 3979Worcester [ORH]Qatar Airways22:5022:50SCHEDULED
B6 676Worcester [ORH]JetBlue Airways22:5022:50SCHEDULED
HX 1004Abu Dhabi [AUH]Hong Kong Airlines22:5523:31SCHEDULEDdelay
UL 2600Abu Dhabi [AUH]SriLankan Airlines22:5523:31SCHEDULEDdelay
EY 100Abu Dhabi [AUH]Etihad Airways22:5523:31SCHEDULEDdelay
EK 6861Bridgetown [BGI]Emirates22:5522:55SCHEDULED
B6 1561Bridgetown [BGI]JetBlue Airways22:5522:55SCHEDULED
EK 6759Portland [PWM]Emirates22:5722:57SCHEDULED
EY 8341Portland [PWM]Etihad Airways22:5722:57SCHEDULED
JL 5840Portland [PWM]JAL22:5722:57SCHEDULED
QR 4105Portland [PWM]Qatar Airways22:5722:57SCHEDULED
TK 8971Portland [PWM]Turkish Airlines22:5722:57SCHEDULED
TP 4308Portland [PWM]TAP Air Portugal22:5722:57SCHEDULED
B6 108Portland [PWM]JetBlue Airways22:5722:57SCHEDULED
EK 6711Burlington [BTV]Emirates22:5722:57SCHEDULED
EY 8282Burlington [BTV]Etihad Airways22:5722:57SCHEDULED
JL 5898Burlington [BTV]JAL22:5722:57SCHEDULED
QR 4065Burlington [BTV]Qatar Airways22:5722:57SCHEDULED
SQ 1562Burlington [BTV]Singapore Airlines22:5722:57SCHEDULED
TK 8929Burlington [BTV]Turkish Airlines22:5722:57SCHEDULED
TP 4314Burlington [BTV]TAP Air Portugal22:5722:57SCHEDULED
B6 234Burlington [BTV]JetBlue Airways22:5722:57SCHEDULED

⚠ Upon departure from New York John F. Kennedy Airport, the following delays will occur during the selected time period:

FLIGHT LH5189 from New York to Dusseldorf is 1:10 hour(s) late

FLIGHT UA9681 from New York to Dusseldorf is 1:10 hour(s) late

FLIGHT EW1101 from New York to Dusseldorf is 1:10 hour(s) late

FLIGHT SN1101 from New York to Dusseldorf is 1:10 hour(s) late

FLIGHT AF3661 from New York to Lisbon is 30 minutes late

FLIGHT KL6091 from New York to Lisbon is 30 minutes late

FLIGHT DL272 from New York to Lisbon is 30 minutes late

All departures, delays and cancellations of New York John F. Kennedy Airport (JFK). The actual departure time can be found in the departure column. If a flight is canceled or delayed, you will find the flight status in the status column.