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Istanbul Airport departures (IST)

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Istanbul Airport arrivals
  • Airport information: Istanbul | IATA: IST | ICAO: LTFM | City: Istanbul | Country: Turkey
  • Departure flight schedule times & departure time according to the Istanbul timetable.
  • The following flights will soon take off from Istanbul Airport (Istanbul):

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* Local time Istanbul: (+2)
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6E 4136Vienna [VIE]IndiGo13:0013:00SCHEDULEDsearch
TK 1885Vienna [VIE]Turkish Airlines13:0013:00SCHEDULEDsearch
AI 6079Izmir [ADB]Air India13:0013:00SCHEDULEDsearch
SQ 6216Izmir [ADB]Singapore Airlines13:0013:00SCHEDULEDsearch
TK 2324Izmir [ADB]Turkish Airlines13:0013:00SCHEDULEDsearch
SQ 6259Lisbon [LIS]Singapore Airlines13:15SCHEDULEDsearch
TP 6453Lisbon [LIS]TAP Air Portugal13:15SCHEDULEDsearch
TK 1759Lisbon [LIS]Turkish Airlines13:15SCHEDULEDsearch
6E 4016Athens [ATH]IndiGo13:1513:15SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 3153Athens [ATH]Aegean Airlines13:1513:15SCHEDULEDsearch
TK 1849Athens [ATH]Turkish Airlines13:1513:15SCHEDULEDsearch
6E 4174London [LHR]IndiGo13:25SCHEDULEDsearch
AC 6699London [LHR]Air Canada13:25SCHEDULEDsearch
AV 6619London [LHR]SA AVIANCA13:25SCHEDULEDsearch
UA 6917London [LHR]United Airlines13:25SCHEDULEDsearch
TK 1985London [LHR]Turkish Airlines13:25SCHEDULEDsearch
PC 3303Izmir [ADB]Pegasus13:2513:25SCHEDULEDsearch
TK 1303Malaga [AGP]Turkish Airlines13:50SCHEDULEDsearch
AI 6081Antalya [AYT]Air India13:5513:55SCHEDULEDsearch
TK 2416Antalya [AYT]Turkish Airlines13:5513:55SCHEDULEDsearch

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