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  • Airport information: Tokyo | IATA: HND | ICAO: RJTT | City: Tokyo | Country: Japan
  • Departure flight schedule times & departure time according to the Tokyo timetable.
  • Timezone Tokyo: Asia/Tokyo (UTC/GMT +9)
  • The following flights will soon take off from Tokyo Airport (Tokyo):

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* Local time Tokyo: (+8)
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Tokyo Airport Departures. Updated 2020-03-28 8:46
PR 1450Sapporo [CTS]Philippine Airlines16:0015:58ACTIVE
NH 71Sapporo [CTS]ANA16:0015:58ACTIVE
PR 1408Osaka [ITM]Philippine Airlines16:0016:05ACTIVEDelay 5 Min
NH 33Osaka [ITM]ANA16:0016:05ACTIVEDelay 5 Min
LH 4902Kochi [KCZ]Lufthansa16:0016:01ACTIVEDelay 1 Min
NH 567Kochi [KCZ]ANA16:0016:01ACTIVEDelay 1 Min
AA 8451Okinawa [OKA]American Airlines16:0016:02ACTIVEDelay 2 Min
HA 5433Okinawa [OKA]Hawaiian Airlines16:0016:02ACTIVEDelay 2 Min
JL 921Okinawa [OKA]JAL16:0016:02ACTIVEDelay 2 Min
BC 19Fukuoka [FUK]Skymark Airlines16:0516:22ACTIVEDelay
NH 455Saga [HSG]ANA16:0515:59ACTIVE
EH 455Saga [HSG]ANA Wings16:0515:59ACTIVE
NH 4773Kushiro [KUH]ANA16:1516:10ACTIVE
HD 73Kushiro [KUH]Air Do16:1516:10ACTIVE
HA 5363Miyazaki [KMI]Hawaiian Airlines16:2516:24ACTIVE
JL 695Miyazaki [KMI]JAL16:2516:24ACTIVE
HA 5083Shirahama [SHM]Hawaiian Airlines16:2516:23ACTIVE
JL 219Shirahama [SHM]JAL16:2516:23ACTIVE
LH 4874Nagasaki [NGS]Lufthansa16:2516:18ACTIVE
PR 1420Nagasaki [NGS]Philippine Airlines16:2516:18ACTIVE
NH 667Nagasaki [NGS]ANA16:2516:18ACTIVE
UA 8012Fukuoka [FUK]United Airlines16:2516:25SCHEDULED
NH 263Fukuoka [FUK]ANA16:2516:25SCHEDULED
NH 3717Kumamoto [KMJ]ANA16:3016:30SCHEDULED
6J 17Kumamoto [KMJ]Solaseed Air16:3016:30SCHEDULED
HA 5226Kochi [KCZ]Hawaiian Airlines16:3516:35SCHEDULED
JL 497Kochi [KCZ]JAL16:3516:35SCHEDULED
HA 5131Ube [UBJ]Hawaiian Airlines16:4016:40SCHEDULED
JL 295Ube [UBJ]JAL16:4016:40SCHEDULED
LH 4890Kagoshima [KOJ]Lufthansa16:4016:40SCHEDULED
PR 1418Kagoshima [KOJ]Philippine Airlines16:4016:40SCHEDULED
NH 627Kagoshima [KOJ]ANA16:4016:40SCHEDULED
NH 297Tottori-shi [TTJ]ANA16:4016:40SCHEDULED
EH 297Tottori-shi [TTJ]ANA Wings16:4016:40SCHEDULED
BR 3747Komatsu [KMQ]EVA Air16:4016:40SCHEDULED
LH 4868Komatsu [KMQ]Lufthansa16:4016:40SCHEDULED
NH 755Komatsu [KMQ]ANA16:4016:40SCHEDULED
NH 4779Memanbetsu [MMB]ANA16:4516:45SCHEDULED
HD 79Memanbetsu [MMB]Air Do16:4516:45SCHEDULED
NH 3827Osaka [KIX]ANA16:4516:45SCHEDULED
7G 27Osaka [KIX]StarFlyer16:4516:45SCHEDULED
PR 1412Iwakuni [IWK]Philippine Airlines16:5016:50SCHEDULED
NH 637Iwakuni [IWK]ANA16:5016:50SCHEDULED
HA 5352Oita [OIT]Hawaiian Airlines16:5016:50SCHEDULED
JL 669Oita [OIT]JAL16:5016:50SCHEDULED
LH 4862Tokushima [TKS]Lufthansa16:5516:55SCHEDULED
PR 1426Tokushima [TKS]Philippine Airlines16:5516:55SCHEDULED
NH 285Tokushima [TKS]ANA16:5516:55SCHEDULED
NH 4787Asahikawa [AKJ]ANA16:5516:55SCHEDULED
HD 87Asahikawa [AKJ]Air Do16:5516:55SCHEDULED
BC 723Sapporo [CTS]Skymark Airlines16:55SCHEDULED

⚠ Upon departure from Tokyo Airport, the following delays will occur during the selected time period:

FLIGHT NH33 PR1408 from Tokyo to Osaka is 05 minutes late

FLIGHT NH567 LH4902 from Tokyo to Kochi is 01 minutes late

FLIGHT JL921 AA8451 HA5433 from Tokyo to Okinawa is 02 minutes late

All departures, delays, and cancellations of Tokyo Airport (HND). The actual departure time can be found in the departure column. If a flight is cancelled or delayed, you will find the flight status in the status column.