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  • Airport information: Paris Charles De Gaulle | IATA: CDG | ICAO: LFPG | City: Paris | Country: France
  • Departure flight schedule times & departure time according to the Paris Charles De Gaulle timetable.
  • The following flights will soon take off from Paris Airport (Charles De Gaulle):

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* Local time Paris:
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DY 4314Stockholm [ARN]Norwegian Air Shuttl22:0022:00SCHEDULEDsearch
AZ 3586Newcastle [NCL]Alitalia22:0022:03ACTIVEsearchDelay 3 Min
BE 4135Newcastle [NCL]Flybe22:0022:03ACTIVEsearchDelay 3 Min
VS 6707Newcastle [NCL]Virgin Atlantic22:0022:03ACTIVEsearchDelay 3 Min
AF 1558Newcastle [NCL]Air France22:0022:03ACTIVEsearchDelay 3 Min
WX 1558Newcastle [NCL]Cityjet22:0022:03ACTIVEsearchDelay 3 Min
BA 8169Rome [FCO]British Airways22:0021:51ACTIVEsearch
IB 5848Rome [FCO]Iberia22:0021:51ACTIVEsearch
VY 6260Rome [FCO]Vueling22:0021:51ACTIVEsearch
BA 8945Dublin [DUB]British Airways22:00SCHEDULEDsearch
EI 529Dublin [DUB]Aer Lingus22:00SCHEDULEDsearch
AY 4402Sao Paulo [GRU]Finnair22:0022:00ACTIVEsearch
CA 7105Sao Paulo [GRU]Air China LTD22:0022:00ACTIVEsearch
CX 7861Sao Paulo [GRU]Cathay Pacific22:0022:00ACTIVEsearch
JL 5511Sao Paulo [GRU]JAL22:0022:00ACTIVEsearch
LA 8101Sao Paulo [GRU]LATAM Airlines22:0022:00ACTIVEsearch
JJ 8101Sao Paulo [GRU]LATAM Airlines Brasi22:0022:00ACTIVEsearch
AC 6394New Delhi [DEL]Air Canada22:0023:45SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 1:45
AI 142New Delhi [DEL]Air India22:0023:45SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 1:45
KL 2171Luanda [LAD]KLM22:0522:12ACTIVEsearchDelay 7 Min
AF 928Luanda [LAD]Air France22:0522:12ACTIVEsearchDelay 7 Min
AC 6024Addis Ababa [ADD]Air Canada22:15SCHEDULEDsearch
NH 5353Addis Ababa [ADD]ANA22:15SCHEDULEDsearch
ET 705Addis Ababa [ADD]Ethiopian Airlines22:15SCHEDULEDsearch
BA 8174Rome [FCO]British Airways22:2022:20SCHEDULEDsearch
IB 5139Rome [FCO]Iberia22:2022:20SCHEDULEDsearch
VY 6273Rome [FCO]Vueling22:2022:20SCHEDULEDsearch
BA 8830Barcelona [BCN]British Airways22:25SCHEDULEDsearch
IB 5867Barcelona [BCN]Iberia22:25SCHEDULEDsearch
VY 8225Barcelona [BCN]Vueling22:25SCHEDULEDsearch
UL 3538Doha [DOH]SriLankan Airlines22:40SCHEDULEDsearch
QR 38Doha [DOH]Qatar Airways22:40SCHEDULEDsearch
AM 7854Tel Aviv Yafo [TLV]Aeromexico22:40SCHEDULEDsearch
LY 326Tel Aviv Yafo [TLV]El Al22:40SCHEDULEDsearch
MS 802Cairo [CAI]EgyptAir22:45SCHEDULEDsearch
G3 5120Istanbul [IST]Gol22:55SCHEDULEDsearch
JL 5319Istanbul [IST]JAL22:55SCHEDULEDsearch
KK 7306Istanbul [IST]Atlasglobal22:55SCHEDULEDsearch
KL 2352Istanbul [IST]KLM22:55SCHEDULEDsearch
AF 1390Istanbul [IST]Air France22:55SCHEDULEDsearch

⚠ Upon departure from Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport, the following delays will occur during the selected time period:

FLIGHT WX1558 AZ3586 BE4135 VS6707 AF1558 from Paris to Newcastle is 03 minutes late

FLIGHT AI142 AC6394 from Paris to New Delhi is 1:45 hour(s) late

FLIGHT AF928 KL2171 from Paris to Luanda is 07 minutes late

All departures, delays and cancellations of Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport (CDG). The actual departure time can be found in the departure column. If a flight is canceled or delayed, you will find the flight status in the status column.