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  • Airport information: Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta | IATA: ATL | ICAO: KATL | City: Atlanta | Country: United States
  • Departure flight schedule times & departure time according to the Atlanta Hartsfield Jackson Atlanta timetable.
  • Timezone Atlanta: America/New_York (UTC/GMT -5)
  • The following flights will soon take off from Atlanta Airport (Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta):

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 Departure Atlanta in local time: (-6)
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Departures Atlanta Airport. Updated 2020-06-6 23:14
CA 7302Houston [IAH]Air China LTD17:1017:10SCHEDULED ⓘ
NZ 6332Houston [IAH]Air New Zealand17:1017:10SCHEDULED ⓘ
UA 5219Houston [IAH]United Airlines17:1017:10SCHEDULED ⓘ
OO 5219Houston [IAH]SkyWest Airlines17:1017:10SCHEDULED ⓘ
KE 6993West Palm Beach [PBI]Korean Air17:12SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 5211West Palm Beach [PBI]Virgin Atlantic17:12SCHEDULED ⓘ
WS 6504West Palm Beach [PBI]WestJet17:12SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 1019West Palm Beach [PBI]Delta Air Lines17:12SCHEDULED ⓘ
WN 1035Baltimore [BWI]Southwest Airlines17:2517:25SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 2630Minneapolis [MSP]Virgin Atlantic17:25SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 1109Minneapolis [MSP]Delta Air Lines17:25SCHEDULED ⓘ
AF 3641Amsterdam [AMS]Air France17:35SCHEDULED ⓘ
KL 6072Amsterdam [AMS]KLM17:35SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 3932Amsterdam [AMS]Virgin Atlantic17:35SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 72Amsterdam [AMS]Delta Air Lines17:35SCHEDULED ⓘ
AF 8627Savannah [SAV]Air France17:35SCHEDULED ⓘ
KE 7139Savannah [SAV]Korean Air17:35SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 5265Savannah [SAV]Virgin Atlantic17:35SCHEDULED ⓘ
WS 6372Savannah [SAV]WestJet17:35SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 2873Savannah [SAV]Delta Air Lines17:35SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 1866Detroit [DTW]Virgin Atlantic17:36SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 1555Detroit [DTW]Delta Air Lines17:36SCHEDULED ⓘ
KE 3666Buffalo [BUF]Korean Air17:36SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 2116Buffalo [BUF]Virgin Atlantic17:36SCHEDULED ⓘ
WS 6347Buffalo [BUF]WestJet17:36SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 665Buffalo [BUF]Delta Air Lines17:36SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 4923Phoenix [PHX]Virgin Atlantic17:37SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 1010Phoenix [PHX]Delta Air Lines17:37SCHEDULED ⓘ
AF 9096Portland [PDX]Air France17:38SCHEDULED ⓘ
KE 6816Portland [PDX]Korean Air17:38SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 2654Portland [PDX]Virgin Atlantic17:38SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 887Portland [PDX]Delta Air Lines17:38SCHEDULED ⓘ
AF 2180Sacramento [SMF]Air France17:39SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 3200Sacramento [SMF]Virgin Atlantic17:39SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 754Sacramento [SMF]Delta Air Lines17:39SCHEDULED ⓘ
AF 3611Paris [CDG]Air France17:40SCHEDULED ⓘ
AM 3110Paris [CDG]Aeromexico17:40SCHEDULED ⓘ
KL 6093Paris [CDG]KLM17:40SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 3970Paris [CDG]Virgin Atlantic17:40SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 82Paris [CDG]Delta Air Lines17:40SCHEDULED ⓘ
AF 2314San Diego [SAN]Air France17:43SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 4472San Diego [SAN]Virgin Atlantic17:43SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 748San Diego [SAN]Delta Air Lines17:43SCHEDULED ⓘ
KE 6979Jacksonville [OAJ]Korean Air17:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 2843Jacksonville [OAJ]Virgin Atlantic17:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
WS 8032Jacksonville [OAJ]WestJet17:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 4852Jacksonville [OAJ]Delta Air Lines17:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
9E 4852Jacksonville [OAJ]Endeavor Air17:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
KE 7049Knoxville [TYS]Korean Air17:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 4100Knoxville [TYS]Virgin Atlantic17:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
WS 6755Knoxville [TYS]WestJet17:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 5169Knoxville [TYS]Delta Air Lines17:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
9E 5169Knoxville [TYS]Endeavor Air17:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
KE 3505Austintown [AUS]Korean Air17:48SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 5017Austintown [AUS]Virgin Atlantic17:48SCHEDULED ⓘ
WS 6416Austintown [AUS]WestJet17:48SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 1743Austintown [AUS]Delta Air Lines17:48SCHEDULED ⓘ
AF 2513San Francisco [SFO]Air France17:52SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 5291San Francisco [SFO]Virgin Atlantic17:52SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 3090San Francisco [SFO]Delta Air Lines17:52SCHEDULED ⓘ
AF 8838Las Vegas [LAS]Air France17:54SCHEDULED ⓘ
KE 7190Las Vegas [LAS]Korean Air17:54SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 5129Las Vegas [LAS]Virgin Atlantic17:54SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 929Las Vegas [LAS]Delta Air Lines17:54SCHEDULED ⓘ
KE 3046Seattle [SEA]Korean Air17:55SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 2686Seattle [SEA]Virgin Atlantic17:55SCHEDULED ⓘ
WS 6941Seattle [SEA]WestJet17:55SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 691Seattle [SEA]Delta Air Lines17:55SCHEDULED ⓘ
KE 7252Los Angeles [LAX]Korean Air17:55SCHEDULED ⓘ
MU 6869Los Angeles [LAX]China Eastern Airlin17:55SCHEDULED ⓘ
VA 6404Los Angeles [LAX]Virgin Australia17:55SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 4383Los Angeles [LAX]Virgin Atlantic17:55SCHEDULED ⓘ
WS 7020Los Angeles [LAX]WestJet17:55SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 1701Los Angeles [LAX]Delta Air Lines17:55SCHEDULED ⓘ
AF 3617Frankfurt [FRA]Air France17:55SCHEDULED ⓘ
KL 6114Frankfurt [FRA]KLM17:55SCHEDULED ⓘ
VN 3068Frankfurt [FRA]Vietnam Airlines17:55SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 3849Frankfurt [FRA]Virgin Atlantic17:55SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 14Frankfurt [FRA]Delta Air Lines17:55SCHEDULED ⓘ
AF 2192Fort Lauderdale [FLL]Air France17:58SCHEDULED ⓘ
KE 3154Fort Lauderdale [FLL]Korean Air17:58SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 5069Fort Lauderdale [FLL]Virgin Atlantic17:58SCHEDULED ⓘ
WS 6625Fort Lauderdale [FLL]WestJet17:58SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 709Fort Lauderdale [FLL]Delta Air Lines17:58SCHEDULED ⓘ
KE 3712Gainesville [GNV]Korean Air17:59SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 2291Gainesville [GNV]Virgin Atlantic17:59SCHEDULED ⓘ
WS 6523Gainesville [GNV]WestJet17:59SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 4793Gainesville [GNV]Delta Air Lines17:59SCHEDULED ⓘ
9E 4793Gainesville [GNV]Endeavor Air17:59SCHEDULED ⓘ

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