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Athens Airport departures (ATH)

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Athens Airport arrivals
  • Airport information: Athens | IATA: ATH | ICAO: LGAV | City: Athens | Country: Greece
  • Departure flight schedule times & departure time according to the Athens timetable.
  • The following flights will soon take off from Athens Airport (Athens):

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* Local time Athens: (+1)
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GQ 222Kos Town [KGS]Sky Express16:00SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 7120Thessaloniki [SKG]Aegean Airlines16:00SCHEDULEDsearch
OA 120Thessaloniki [SKG]Olympic Air16:00SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 120Thessaloniki [SKG]Aegean Airlines16:00SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 7072Paros [PAS]Aegean Airlines16:00SCHEDULEDsearch
OA 72Paros [PAS]Olympic Air16:00SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 7018Naxos [JNX]Aegean Airlines16:00SCHEDULEDsearch
OA 18Naxos [JNX]Olympic Air16:00SCHEDULEDsearch
GQ 304Mytilene [MJT]Sky Express16:00SCHEDULEDsearch
GQ 212Heraklion [HER]Sky Express16:00SCHEDULEDsearch
EY 3708Krakow [KRK]Etihad Airways16:05SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 868Krakow [KRK]Aegean Airlines16:05SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 1992Geneva [GVA]Aegean Airlines16:05SCHEDULEDsearch
TP 8201Geneva [GVA]TAP Air Portugal16:05SCHEDULEDsearch
UA 9797Geneva [GVA]United Airlines16:05SCHEDULEDsearch
LX 1823Geneva [GVA]SWISS16:05SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 7246Samos [SMI]Aegean Airlines16:05SCHEDULEDsearch
OA 246Samos [SMI]Olympic Air16:05SCHEDULEDsearch
GQ 252Chania [CHQ]Sky Express16:10SCHEDULEDsearch
GQ 404Naxos [JNX]Sky Express16:15SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 7318Heraklion [HER]Aegean Airlines16:20SCHEDULEDsearch
OA 318Heraklion [HER]Olympic Air16:20SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 318Heraklion [HER]Aegean Airlines16:20SCHEDULEDsearch
FR 4809Karlsruhe-Baden Baden [FKB]Ryanair16:2516:25SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 7284Kerkyra [CFU]Aegean Airlines16:25SCHEDULEDsearch
OA 284Kerkyra [CFU]Olympic Air16:25SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 284Kerkyra [CFU]Aegean Airlines16:25SCHEDULEDsearch
GQ 352Santorini [JTR]Sky Express16:30SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 924Tel Aviv Yafo [TLV]Aegean Airlines16:30SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 7378Mikonos [JMK]Aegean Airlines16:35SCHEDULEDsearch
OA 378Mikonos [JMK]Olympic Air16:35SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 378Mikonos [JMK]Aegean Airlines16:35SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 7210Rhodes [RHO]Aegean Airlines16:40SCHEDULEDsearch
OA 210Rhodes [RHO]Olympic Air16:40SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 210Rhodes [RHO]Aegean Airlines16:40SCHEDULEDsearch
GQ 354Santorini [JTR]Sky Express16:50SCHEDULEDsearch
EY 3721Tirana [TIA]Etihad Airways16:55SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 972Tirana [TIA]Aegean Airlines16:55SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 7906Larnaca [LCA]Aegean Airlines16:55SCHEDULEDsearch
OA 906Larnaca [LCA]Olympic Air16:55SCHEDULEDsearch
A3 906Larnaca [LCA]Aegean Airlines16:55SCHEDULEDsearch

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