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  • Airport information: Vienna | IATA: VIE | ICAO: LOWW | City: Vienna | Country: Austria
  • Arrival flight schedule times & Arrival time according to the Vienna timetable.
  • The following flights will soon land at Vienna Airport (Vienna).

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* Local time Vienna:
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OS 372Amsterdam [AMS]Austrian12:0012:35ACTIVEsearchDelay 35 Min
OS 404Lyon [LYS]Austrian12:0012:12ACTIVEsearchDelay 12 Min
LH 6404Klagenfurt [KLU]Lufthansa12:0012:50SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 50 Min
LO 4072Klagenfurt [KLU]LOT - Polish Airline12:0012:50SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 50 Min
TG 7229Klagenfurt [KLU]Thai Airways Interna12:0012:50SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 50 Min
OS 936Klagenfurt [KLU]Austrian12:0012:50SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 50 Min
SN 6001Brussels [BRU]Brussels Airlines12:0012:25ACTIVEsearchDelay 25 Min
OS 352Brussels [BRU]Austrian12:0012:25ACTIVEsearchDelay 25 Min
OS 412Paris [CDG]Austrian12:0513:00ACTIVEsearchDelay 55 Min
OS 522Venice [VCE]Austrian12:0512:35SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 30 Min
LX 3582Mulhouse-Basel [BSL]SWISS12:0512:38ACTIVEsearchDelay 33 Min
OS 472Mulhouse-Basel [BSL]Austrian12:0512:38ACTIVEsearchDelay 33 Min
LO 4052Graz [GRZ]LOT - Polish Airline12:0512:45SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 40 Min
TG 7239Graz [GRZ]Thai Airways Interna12:0512:45SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 40 Min
OS 980Graz [GRZ]Austrian12:0512:45SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 40 Min
OS 548Bologna [BLQ]Austrian12:1012:55SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 45 Min
LH 6386Frankfurt [FRA]Lufthansa12:1512:32ACTIVEsearchDelay 17 Min
OS 134Frankfurt [FRA]Austrian12:1512:32ACTIVEsearchDelay 17 Min
LX 3554Zurich [ZRH]SWISS12:1513:25ACTIVEsearchDelay 1:10
OS 552Zurich [ZRH]Austrian12:1513:25ACTIVEsearchDelay 1:10
OU 5547Prague [PRG]Croatia Airlines12:1512:30SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 15 Min
OS 706Prague [PRG]Austrian12:1512:30SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 15 Min
LO 4078Salzburg [SZG]LOT - Polish Airline12:1512:40SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 25 Min
TG 7227Salzburg [SZG]Thai Airways Interna12:1512:40SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 25 Min
OS 918Salzburg [SZG]Austrian12:1512:40SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 25 Min
LH 6424Berlin [TXL]Lufthansa12:2013:00SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 40 Min
OS 226Berlin [TXL]Austrian12:2013:00SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 40 Min
AC 6198London [LHR]Air Canada12:2012:19ACTIVEsearch
UA 9846London [LHR]United Airlines12:2012:19ACTIVEsearch
OS 452London [LHR]Austrian12:2012:19ACTIVEsearch
OS 508Milan [MXP]Austrian12:2013:20SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 1:00
LO 4064Innsbruck [INN]LOT - Polish Airline12:2013:20SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 1:00
TG 7223Innsbruck [INN]Thai Airways Interna12:2013:20SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 1:00
OS 904Innsbruck [INN]Austrian12:2013:20SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 1:00
OS 7084Luxembourg [LUX]Austrian12:2013:00ACTIVEsearchDelay 40 Min
LG 8855Luxembourg [LUX]Luxair12:2013:00ACTIVEsearchDelay 40 Min
BT 5339Lisbon [LIS]Air Baltic12:2512:15ACTIVEsearch
MS 9438Lisbon [LIS]EgyptAir12:2512:15ACTIVEsearch
PS 9932Lisbon [LIS]UIA12:2512:15ACTIVEsearch
TG 7326Lisbon [LIS]Thai Airways Interna12:2512:15ACTIVEsearch
TP 1272Lisbon [LIS]TAP Air Portugal12:2512:15ACTIVEsearch
MH 4591Dubai [DXB]Malaysia Airlines12:2512:12ACTIVEsearch
QF 8127Dubai [DXB]Qantas12:2512:12ACTIVEsearch
EK 127Dubai [DXB]Emirates12:2512:12ACTIVEsearch
TK 1899Istanbul [SAW]Turkish Airlines12:2512:49ACTIVEsearchDelay 24 Min
W6 2824Manises [VLC]Wizz Air12:3013:04ACTIVEsearchDelay 34 Min
AC 9678Munich [MUC]Air Canada12:3513:07SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 32 Min
OS 7234Munich [MUC]Austrian12:3513:07SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 32 Min
SA 7542Munich [MUC]South African Airway12:3513:07SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 32 Min
UA 9345Munich [MUC]United Airlines12:3513:07SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 32 Min
LH 2328Munich [MUC]Lufthansa12:3513:07SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 32 Min
LD M2175Malaga [AGP]Lauda12:5012:59ACTIVEsearchDelay 9 Min
VY 9537Amsterdam [AMS]Vueling12:55SCHEDULEDsearch
V2 K6825Amsterdam [AMS]Anisec12:55SCHEDULEDsearch
LD M341Dublin [DUB]Lauda12:5513:35SCHEDULEDsearchDelay 40 Min

⚠ Upon arrival at Vienna Airport, the following delays will occur during the selected time period:

FLIGHT OS372 from Amsterdam to Vienna is 35 minutes late

FLIGHT OS404 from Lyon to Vienna is 12 minutes late

FLIGHT OS936 LH6404 LO4072 TG7229 from Klagenfurt to Vienna is 50 minutes late

FLIGHT OS352 SN6001 from Brussels to Vienna is 25 minutes late

FLIGHT OS412 from Paris to Vienna is 55 minutes late

FLIGHT OS522 from Venice to Vienna is 30 minutes late

FLIGHT OS472 LX3582 from Mulhouse-Basel to Vienna is 33 minutes late

FLIGHT OS980 LO4052 TG7239 from Graz to Vienna is 40 minutes late

FLIGHT OS548 from Bologna to Vienna is 45 minutes late

FLIGHT OS134 LH6386 from Frankfurt to Vienna is 17 minutes late

FLIGHT OS552 LX3554 from Zurich to Vienna is 1:10 hour(s) late

FLIGHT OS706 OU5547 from Prague to Vienna is 15 minutes late

FLIGHT OS918 LO4078 TG7227 from Salzburg to Vienna is 25 minutes late

FLIGHT OS226 LH6424 from Berlin to Vienna is 40 minutes late

FLIGHT OS508 from Milan to Vienna is 1:00 hour(s) late

FLIGHT OS904 LO4064 TG7223 from Innsbruck to Vienna is 1:00 hour(s) late

FLIGHT LG8855 OS7084 from Luxembourg to Vienna is 40 minutes late

FLIGHT TK1899 from Istanbul to Vienna is 24 minutes late

FLIGHT W62824 from Manises to Vienna is 34 minutes late

FLIGHT LH2328 AC9678 OS7234 SA7542 UA9345 from Munich to Vienna is 32 minutes late

FLIGHT LDM2175 from Malaga to Vienna is 09 minutes late

FLIGHT LDM341 from Dublin to Vienna is 40 minutes late

All arrivals, delays and cancellations of Vienna Airport (VIE). The actual arrival time can be found in the arrival column. If a flight is canceled or delayed, you will find the flight status in the status column.