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Maui Airport departures
  • Airport information: Maui Kahului | IATA: OGG | ICAO: PHOG | City: Maui | Country: United States
  • Arrival flight schedule times & Arrival time according to the Maui Kahului timetable.
  • Timezone Maui: Pacific/Honolulu (UTC/GMT -10)
  • The following flights will soon land at Maui Airport (Kahului).

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* Local time Maui: (-11)
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Maui Airport Arrivals. As of 2020-01-21 23:42
DL 6800Honolulu [HNL]Delta Air Lines12:05SCHEDULED
JL 6429Honolulu [HNL]JAL12:05SCHEDULED
HA 246Honolulu [HNL]Hawaiian Airlines12:05SCHEDULED
BA 1967Los Angeles [LAX]British Airways12:1011:57SCHEDULED
QF 4402Los Angeles [LAX]Qantas12:1011:57SCHEDULED
AA 253Los Angeles [LAX]American Airlines12:1011:57SCHEDULED
HA 39Portland [PDX]Hawaiian Airlines12:20SCHEDULED
UA 1725San Francisco [SFO]United Airlines12:2112:21SCHEDULED
DL 6825Honolulu [HNL]Delta Air Lines12:25SCHEDULED
JL 6430Honolulu [HNL]JAL12:25SCHEDULED
KE 7701Honolulu [HNL]Korean Air12:25SCHEDULED
UA 7853Honolulu [HNL]United Airlines12:25SCHEDULED
HA 256Honolulu [HNL]Hawaiian Airlines12:25SCHEDULED
WN 637Honolulu [HNL]Southwest Airlines12:3012:30SCHEDULED
HA 41San Francisco [SFO]Hawaiian Airlines12:40SCHEDULED
AC 5059Los Angeles [LAX]Air Canada12:5012:50SCHEDULED
UA 417Los Angeles [LAX]United Airlines12:5012:50SCHEDULED

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