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Kuching Airport arrivals (KCH)

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Kuching Airport departures
  • Airport information: Kuching | IATA: KCH | ICAO: WBGG | City: Kuching | Country: Malaysia
  • Arrival flight schedule times & Arrival time according to the Kuching timetable.
  • The following flights will soon land at Kuching Airport (Kuching).

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* Local time in Kuching: (+6)
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AK 5202Kuala Lumpur [KUL]AirAsia9:008:47LANDEDsearch
AK 5432Penang [PEN]AirAsia9:009:06ACTIVEsearchDelay 6 Min
AK 6062Bintulu [BTU]AirAsia9:109:14ACTIVEsearchDelay 4 Min
AK 6351Kota-Kinabalu [BKI]AirAsia9:209:13ACTIVEsearch
MH 3410Mukah [MKM]Malaysia Airlines9:359:35SCHEDULEDsearch
MY 3410Mukah [MKM]MASwings9:359:35SCHEDULEDsearch
EK 3406Kuala Lumpur [KUL]Emirates9:409:38LANDEDsearch
FY 7536Kuala Lumpur [KUL]Firefly9:409:38LANDEDsearch
QR 5422Kuala Lumpur [KUL]Qatar Airways9:409:38LANDEDsearch
MH 2542Kuala Lumpur [KUL]Malaysia Airlines9:409:38LANDEDsearch
MH 3761Limbang [LMN]Malaysia Airlines9:409:26ACTIVEsearch
MY 3761Limbang [LMN]MASwings9:409:26ACTIVEsearch
FY 7793Miri [MYY]Firefly9:409:40SCHEDULEDsearch
MH 2805Miri [MYY]Malaysia Airlines9:409:40SCHEDULEDsearch

⚠ Upon arrival at Kuching Airport, the following delays will occur during the selected time period:

FLIGHT AK5432 from Penang to Kuching is 06 minutes late

FLIGHT AK6062 from Bintulu to Kuching is 04 minutes late

All arrivals, delays and cancellations of Kuching Airport (KCH). The actual arrival time can be found in the arrival column. If a flight is canceled or delayed, you will find the flight status in the status column.