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  • Airport information: Jeddah King Abdulaziz | IATA: JED | ICAO: OEJN | City: Jeddah | Country: Saudi Arabia
  • Arrival flight schedule times & Arrival time according to the Jeddah King Abdulaziz timetable.
  • The following flights will soon land at Jeddah Airport (King Abdulaziz).

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* Local time Jeddah: (+1)
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NP 127Cairo [CAI]Nile Air15:0014:46ACTIVEsearch
J2 91Baku [GYD]AZAL Azerbaijan Airl15:00ACTIVEsearch
SV 1381Sakaka Al Jouf [AJF]Saudia15:0014:58ACTIVEsearch
XY 454Buraidah [ELQ]flynas15:0515:01ACTIVEsearch
TK 92Istanbul [IST]Turkish Airlines15:1015:31ACTIVEsearchDelay
FA D4650Riyadh [RUH]flyadeal15:15ACTIVEsearch
6E 1831Mumbai [BOM]IndiGo15:20ACTIVEsearch
SV 841Kuala Lumpur [KUL]Saudia15:3016:15ACTIVEsearchDelay 45 Min
AZ 5724Abu Dhabi [AUH]Alitalia15:3015:48ACTIVEsearchDelay 18 Min
JU 7536Abu Dhabi [AUH]Air Serbia15:3015:48ACTIVEsearchDelay 18 Min
KL 3883Abu Dhabi [AUH]KLM15:3015:48ACTIVEsearchDelay 18 Min
OZ 6979Abu Dhabi [AUH]Asiana Airlines15:3015:48ACTIVEsearchDelay 18 Min
SV 6107Abu Dhabi [AUH]Saudia15:3015:48ACTIVEsearchDelay 18 Min
VA 7036Abu Dhabi [AUH]Virgin Australia15:3015:48ACTIVEsearchDelay 18 Min
XY 3311Abu Dhabi [AUH]flynas15:3015:48ACTIVEsearchDelay 18 Min
EY 311Abu Dhabi [AUH]Etihad Airways15:3015:48ACTIVEsearchDelay 18 Min
SV 747Kozhikode [CCJ]Saudia15:3015:35ACTIVEsearchDelay 5 Min
FA D4110Abha [AHB]flyadeal15:35SCHEDULEDsearch
SV 3300Cairo [CAI]Saudia15:4014:57ACTIVEsearch
SV 1789Jazan [GIZ]Saudia15:4015:31ACTIVEsearch
AZ 5239Tabuk [TUU]Alitalia15:4015:40ACTIVEsearch
SV 1548Tabuk [TUU]Saudia15:4015:40ACTIVEsearch
GF 183Manama [BAH]Gulf Air15:4015:26ACTIVEsearch
SV 1035Riyadh [RUH]Saudia15:4016:05ACTIVEsearchDelay 25 Min
G9 147Sharjah [SHJ]Air Arabia15:5015:50ACTIVEsearch

⚠ Upon arrival at Jeddah King Abdulaziz Airport, the following delays will occur during the selected time period:

FLIGHT SV841 from Kuala Lumpur to Jeddah is 45 minutes late

FLIGHT EY311 AZ5724 JU7536 KL3883 OZ6979 SV6107 VA7036 XY3311 from Abu Dhabi to Jeddah is 18 minutes late

FLIGHT SV747 from Kozhikode to Jeddah is 05 minutes late

FLIGHT SV1035 from Riyadh to Jeddah is 25 minutes late

All arrivals, delays and cancellations of Jeddah King Abdulaziz Airport (JED). The actual arrival time can be found in the arrival column. If a flight is canceled or delayed, you will find the flight status in the status column.