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  • Airport information: Newark Liberty | IATA: EWR | ICAO: KEWR | City: Newark | Country: United States
  • EWR arrivals & flight landings according to the Newark Liberty timetable. All terminals and gates.
  • Timezone Newark: America/New_York (UTC/GMT -5)
  • Complete and up-to-date flight schedule of all landings at Newark Airport (Newark Liberty).

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 Arrival Newark in local time: (-6)
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Arrivals Newark Airport. Updated 2020-06-6 23:15
LH 7745Fort Lauderdale [FLL]Lufthansa17:0017:00SCHEDULED ⓘ
SK 6755Fort Lauderdale [FLL]SAS17:0017:00SCHEDULED ⓘ
UA 1038Fort Lauderdale [FLL]United Airlines17:0017:00SCHEDULED ⓘ
SK 3904Charlotte [CLT]SAS17:0717:07SCHEDULED ⓘ
UA 3412Charlotte [CLT]United Airlines17:0717:07SCHEDULED ⓘ
YX 3412Charlotte [CLT]Republic Airways17:0717:07SCHEDULED ⓘ
UA 2799Frankfurt [FRA]United Airlines17:1016:52ACTIVE ⓘ
AD 7060Orlando [MCO]Azul17:1217:12SCHEDULED ⓘ
LH 8746Orlando [MCO]Lufthansa17:1217:12SCHEDULED ⓘ
SK 6759Orlando [MCO]SAS17:1217:12SCHEDULED ⓘ
UA 1914Orlando [MCO]United Airlines17:1217:12SCHEDULED ⓘ
UA 3475Washington DC [DCA]United Airlines17:1317:13SCHEDULED ⓘ
YX 3475Washington DC [DCA]Republic Airways17:1317:13SCHEDULED ⓘ
LH 7511Tampa [TPA]Lufthansa17:1717:17SCHEDULED ⓘ
SK 6885Tampa [TPA]SAS17:1717:17SCHEDULED ⓘ
UA 550Tampa [TPA]United Airlines17:1717:17SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 2736Dallas [DFW]American Airlines17:1917:02SCHEDULED ⓘ
CA 7356Los Angeles [LAX]Air China LTD17:1917:10ACTIVE ⓘ
NZ 9516Los Angeles [LAX]Air New Zealand17:1917:10ACTIVE ⓘ
SK 9711Los Angeles [LAX]SAS17:1917:10ACTIVE ⓘ
UA 2304Los Angeles [LAX]United Airlines17:1917:10ACTIVE ⓘ
LH 7659St Louis [STL]Lufthansa17:2417:24SCHEDULED ⓘ
SK 6799St Louis [STL]SAS17:2417:24SCHEDULED ⓘ
UA 3453St Louis [STL]United Airlines17:2417:24SCHEDULED ⓘ
YX 3453St Louis [STL]Republic Airways17:2417:24SCHEDULED ⓘ
KE 3533Atlanta [ATL]Korean Air17:25SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 4454Atlanta [ATL]Virgin Atlantic17:25SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 3071Atlanta [ATL]Delta Air Lines17:25SCHEDULED ⓘ
SK 6707Detroit [DTW]SAS17:2717:27SCHEDULED ⓘ
UA 3427Detroit [DTW]United Airlines17:2717:27SCHEDULED ⓘ
YX 3427Detroit [DTW]Republic Airways17:2717:27SCHEDULED ⓘ
SK 9855Dallas [DFW]SAS17:2917:29SCHEDULED ⓘ
UA 3416Dallas [DFW]United Airlines17:2917:29SCHEDULED ⓘ
YX 3416Dallas [DFW]Republic Airways17:2917:29SCHEDULED ⓘ
SK 3953Denver City [DEN]SAS17:3017:30SCHEDULED ⓘ
TP 8473Denver City [DEN]TAP Air Portugal17:3017:30SCHEDULED ⓘ
UA 513Denver City [DEN]United Airlines17:3017:30SCHEDULED ⓘ
LH 8568Miami [MIA]Lufthansa17:3017:30SCHEDULED ⓘ
SK 6765Miami [MIA]SAS17:3017:30SCHEDULED ⓘ
UA 1961Miami [MIA]United Airlines17:3017:30SCHEDULED ⓘ
LH 7470Nashville [BNA]Lufthansa17:3317:33SCHEDULED ⓘ
SK 9863Nashville [BNA]SAS17:3317:33SCHEDULED ⓘ
UA 3689Nashville [BNA]United Airlines17:3317:33SCHEDULED ⓘ
YX 3689Nashville [BNA]Republic Airways17:3317:33SCHEDULED ⓘ
LY 8773San Juan [SJU]El Al17:4817:48SCHEDULED ⓘ
TP 4400San Juan [SJU]TAP Air Portugal17:4817:48SCHEDULED ⓘ
B6 1290San Juan [SJU]JetBlue Airways17:4817:48SCHEDULED ⓘ
UA 2455Montego Bay [MBJ]United Airlines17:4917:49SCHEDULED ⓘ
UA 1229Fort Myers [RSW]United Airlines17:4917:49SCHEDULED ⓘ

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