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  • Airport information: Dallas Fort Worth | IATA: DFW | ICAO: KDFW | City: Dallas | Country: United States
  • DFW arrivals & flight landings according to the Dallas Fort Worth timetable. All terminals and gates.
  • Timezone Dallas: America/Chicago (UTC/GMT -6)
  • Complete and up-to-date flight schedule of all landings at Dallas Airport (Dallas Fort Worth).

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 Arrival Dallas in local time: (-7)
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Arrivals Dallas Airport. Updated 2020-06-6 22:08
BA 4390Los Angeles [LAX]British Airways15:0015:00SCHEDULED ⓘ
GF 4216Los Angeles [LAX]Gulf Air15:0015:00SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 147Los Angeles [LAX]American Airlines15:0015:00SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 6521San Jose Del Cabo [SJD]British Airways15:0215:02SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 1714San Jose Del Cabo [SJD]American Airlines15:0215:02SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 4770Pensacola [PNS]British Airways15:0515:05SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 5459Pensacola [PNS]American Airlines15:0515:05SCHEDULED ⓘ
OH 5459Pensacola [PNS]PSA Airlines15:0515:05SCHEDULED ⓘ
AS 214Seattle [SEA]Alaska Airlines15:0515:05SCHEDULED ⓘ
9X 497Hot Springs [HOT]Southern Airways Exp15:10SCHEDULED ⓘ
AY 4177London [LHR]Finnair15:1014:17ACTIVE ⓘ
BA 1590London [LHR]British Airways15:1014:17ACTIVE ⓘ
GF 4188London [LHR]Gulf Air15:1014:17ACTIVE ⓘ
IB 4915London [LHR]Iberia15:1014:17ACTIVE ⓘ
LY 8013London [LHR]El Al15:1014:17ACTIVE ⓘ
AA 21London [LHR]American Airlines15:1014:17ACTIVE ⓘ
AS 4195Tulsa [TUL]Alaska Airlines15:1315:13SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 1650Tulsa [TUL]British Airways15:1315:13SCHEDULED ⓘ
GF 6656Tulsa [TUL]Gulf Air15:1315:13SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 1563Tulsa [TUL]American Airlines15:1315:13SCHEDULED ⓘ
AS 4766Little Rock [LIT]Alaska Airlines15:1415:14SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 4857Little Rock [LIT]British Airways15:1415:14SCHEDULED ⓘ
GF 4275Little Rock [LIT]Gulf Air15:1415:14SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 3377Little Rock [LIT]American Airlines15:1415:14SCHEDULED ⓘ
MQ 3377Little Rock [LIT]Envoy Air15:1415:14SCHEDULED ⓘ
AS 4748El Paso [ELP]Alaska Airlines15:1415:14SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 4953El Paso [ELP]British Airways15:1415:14SCHEDULED ⓘ
GF 6688El Paso [ELP]Gulf Air15:1415:14SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 3320El Paso [ELP]American Airlines15:1415:14SCHEDULED ⓘ
MQ 3320El Paso [ELP]Envoy Air15:1415:14SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 1052Washington DC [DCA]American Airlines15:1515:15SCHEDULED ⓘ
AS 4768Brownsville [BRO]Alaska Airlines15:1515:15SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 6793Brownsville [BRO]British Airways15:1515:15SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 4054Brownsville [BRO]American Airlines15:1515:15SCHEDULED ⓘ
MQ 4054Brownsville [BRO]Envoy Air15:1515:15SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 1263New York [LGA]American Airlines15:1515:15SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 2380Seattle [SEA]British Airways15:1915:19SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 1884Seattle [SEA]American Airlines15:1915:19SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 9732Hong Kong [HKG]American Airlines15:2014:24ACTIVE ⓘ
AA 2961Cedar Rapids [CID]American Airlines15:2115:21SCHEDULED ⓘ
OO 2961Cedar Rapids [CID]SkyWest Airlines15:2115:21SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 3622Torreon [TRC]American Airlines15:2315:23SCHEDULED ⓘ
MQ 3622Torreon [TRC]Envoy Air15:2315:23SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 5279Dayton [DAY]American Airlines15:2315:23SCHEDULED ⓘ
OH 5279Dayton [DAY]PSA Airlines15:2315:23SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 1652Albuquerque [ABQ]British Airways15:2415:24SCHEDULED ⓘ
GF 6590Albuquerque [ABQ]Gulf Air15:2415:24SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 3356Albuquerque [ABQ]American Airlines15:2415:24SCHEDULED ⓘ
MQ 3356Albuquerque [ABQ]Envoy Air15:2415:24SCHEDULED ⓘ
AS 4357Indianapolis [IND]Alaska Airlines15:2615:26SCHEDULED ⓘ
QF 3063Indianapolis [IND]Qantas15:2615:26SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 819Indianapolis [IND]American Airlines15:2615:26SCHEDULED ⓘ
AS 4123Oklahoma City [OKC]Alaska Airlines15:2815:28SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 5236Oklahoma City [OKC]British Airways15:2815:28SCHEDULED ⓘ
GF 6608Oklahoma City [OKC]Gulf Air15:2815:28SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 5734Oklahoma City [OKC]American Airlines15:2815:28SCHEDULED ⓘ
YV 5734Oklahoma City [OKC]Mesa Airlines15:2815:28SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 3170Fort Wayne [FWA]American Airlines15:2915:29SCHEDULED ⓘ
OO 3170Fort Wayne [FWA]SkyWest Airlines15:2915:29SCHEDULED ⓘ
AS 4397Atlanta [ATL]Alaska Airlines15:2915:27SCHEDULED ⓘ
GF 6694Atlanta [ATL]Gulf Air15:2915:27SCHEDULED ⓘ
QF 4321Atlanta [ATL]Qantas15:2915:27SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 1532Atlanta [ATL]American Airlines15:2915:27SCHEDULED ⓘ
QR 729Doha [DOH]Qatar Airways15:30SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 5510San Francisco [SFO]British Airways15:3015:30SCHEDULED ⓘ
GF 6675San Francisco [SFO]Gulf Air15:3015:30SCHEDULED ⓘ
QF 4610San Francisco [SFO]Qantas15:3015:30SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 152San Francisco [SFO]American Airlines15:3015:30SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 4597Valparaiso [VPS]British Airways15:3215:32SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 3755Valparaiso [VPS]American Airlines15:3215:32SCHEDULED ⓘ
MQ 3755Valparaiso [VPS]Envoy Air15:3215:32SCHEDULED ⓘ
QF 4516Boston Heights [BOS]Qantas15:3415:34SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 1094Boston Heights [BOS]American Airlines15:3415:34SCHEDULED ⓘ
VA 6462Los Angeles [LAX]Virgin Australia15:3415:19SCHEDULED ⓘ
VS 2083Los Angeles [LAX]Virgin Atlantic15:3415:19SCHEDULED ⓘ
WS 6590Los Angeles [LAX]WestJet15:3415:19SCHEDULED ⓘ
DL 1294Los Angeles [LAX]Delta Air Lines15:3415:19SCHEDULED ⓘ
AS 4230Austintown [AUS]Alaska Airlines15:3515:35SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 5120Austintown [AUS]British Airways15:3515:35SCHEDULED ⓘ
GF 6884Austintown [AUS]Gulf Air15:3515:35SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 2404Austintown [AUS]American Airlines15:3515:35SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 5648Denver City [DEN]British Airways15:3515:35SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 884Denver City [DEN]American Airlines15:3515:35SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 1601Cancun [CUN]American Airlines15:3515:35SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 3295Montrose [MTJ]American Airlines15:3715:37SCHEDULED ⓘ
OO 3295Montrose [MTJ]SkyWest Airlines15:3715:37SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 2447Grand Junction [GJT]British Airways15:3715:37SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 4147Grand Junction [GJT]American Airlines15:3715:37SCHEDULED ⓘ
MQ 4147Grand Junction [GJT]Envoy Air15:3715:37SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 4754Santa Fe [SAF]British Airways15:3815:38SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 2973Santa Fe [SAF]American Airlines15:3815:38SCHEDULED ⓘ
OO 2973Santa Fe [SAF]SkyWest Airlines15:3815:38SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 6546San Antonio Heights [SAT]British Airways15:3815:38SCHEDULED ⓘ
GF 6605San Antonio Heights [SAT]Gulf Air15:3815:38SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 35San Antonio Heights [SAT]American Airlines15:3815:38SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 5717Phoenix [PHX]British Airways15:3915:39SCHEDULED ⓘ
GF 6638Phoenix [PHX]Gulf Air15:3915:39SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 1399Phoenix [PHX]American Airlines15:3915:39SCHEDULED ⓘ
AS 4287Fort Lauderdale [FLL]Alaska Airlines15:3915:23ACTIVE ⓘ
BA 1786Fort Lauderdale [FLL]British Airways15:3915:23ACTIVE ⓘ
GF 6729Fort Lauderdale [FLL]Gulf Air15:3915:23ACTIVE ⓘ
AA 1411Fort Lauderdale [FLL]American Airlines15:3915:23ACTIVE ⓘ
4B 463Victoria [VCT]Boutique Air15:40SCHEDULED ⓘ
GF 4318Las Vegas [LAS]Gulf Air15:4115:41SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 2923Las Vegas [LAS]American Airlines15:4115:41SCHEDULED ⓘ
AS 4435Nashville [BNA]Alaska Airlines15:4115:41SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 1876Nashville [BNA]British Airways15:4115:41SCHEDULED ⓘ
GF 6588Nashville [BNA]Gulf Air15:4115:41SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 2502Nashville [BNA]American Airlines15:4115:41SCHEDULED ⓘ
AS 4269Houston [IAH]Alaska Airlines15:4215:42SCHEDULED ⓘ
GF 6838Houston [IAH]Gulf Air15:4215:42SCHEDULED ⓘ
QF 4334Houston [IAH]Qantas15:4215:42SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 3462Houston [IAH]American Airlines15:4215:42SCHEDULED ⓘ
MQ 3462Houston [IAH]Envoy Air15:4215:42SCHEDULED ⓘ
QF 4101New Philadelphia [PHL]Qantas15:4415:31SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 1450New Philadelphia [PHL]American Airlines15:4415:31SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 4415Lafayette [LFT]British Airways15:4415:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 3946Lafayette [LFT]American Airlines15:4415:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
MQ 3946Lafayette [LFT]Envoy Air15:4415:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 3231Panama City [ECP]American Airlines15:4415:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
OO 3231Panama City [ECP]SkyWest Airlines15:4415:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 5746Lafayette [LFT]American Airlines15:4415:44CANCELLED ⓘ
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YV 5746Lafayette [LFT]Mesa Airlines15:4415:44CANCELLED ⓘ
You’re eligible for compensation from this flight. Check what you’re owed for free.
AS 4153Lubbock [LBB]Alaska Airlines15:4415:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 6544Lubbock [LBB]British Airways15:4415:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
GF 4240Lubbock [LBB]Gulf Air15:4415:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 5967Lubbock [LBB]American Airlines15:4415:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
YV 5967Lubbock [LBB]Mesa Airlines15:4415:44SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 5814Rapid City [RAP]American Airlines15:4515:45SCHEDULED ⓘ
YV 5814Rapid City [RAP]Mesa Airlines15:4515:45SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 4149Garden City [GCK]American Airlines15:4515:45SCHEDULED ⓘ
MQ 4149Garden City [GCK]Envoy Air15:4515:45SCHEDULED ⓘ
AS 4098Laredo [LRD]Alaska Airlines15:4915:49SCHEDULED ⓘ
GF 4254Laredo [LRD]Gulf Air15:4915:49SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 4162Laredo [LRD]American Airlines15:4915:49SCHEDULED ⓘ
MQ 4162Laredo [LRD]Envoy Air15:4915:49SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 1990Tucson [TUS]British Airways15:5215:52SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 2483Tucson [TUS]American Airlines15:5215:52SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 4005Huatulco [HUX]American Airlines15:5215:52SCHEDULED ⓘ
MQ 4005Huatulco [HUX]Envoy Air15:5215:52SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 5761Jackson [JAN]American Airlines15:5315:53CANCELLED ⓘ
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YV 5761Jackson [JAN]Mesa Airlines15:5315:53CANCELLED ⓘ
You’re eligible for compensation from this flight. Check what you’re owed for free.
BA 4844Jackson [JAN]British Airways15:5315:53SCHEDULED ⓘ
GF 6844Jackson [JAN]Gulf Air15:5315:53SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 3628Jackson [JAN]American Airlines15:5315:53SCHEDULED ⓘ
MQ 3628Jackson [JAN]Envoy Air15:5315:53SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 6662Chihuahua City [CUU]British Airways15:5415:54SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 3189Chihuahua City [CUU]American Airlines15:5415:54SCHEDULED ⓘ
OO 3189Chihuahua City [CUU]SkyWest Airlines15:5415:54SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 5781San Luis Potosi [SLP]American Airlines15:5515:55CANCELLED ⓘ
You’re eligible for compensation from this flight. Check what you’re owed for free.
YV 5781San Luis Potosi [SLP]Mesa Airlines15:5515:55CANCELLED ⓘ
You’re eligible for compensation from this flight. Check what you’re owed for free.
AA 3781San Luis Potosi [SLP]American Airlines15:5515:55SCHEDULED ⓘ
MQ 3781San Luis Potosi [SLP]Envoy Air15:5515:55SCHEDULED ⓘ
BA 4408Los Angeles [LAX]British Airways15:5915:59SCHEDULED ⓘ
GF 4195Los Angeles [LAX]Gulf Air15:5915:59SCHEDULED ⓘ
AA 2354Los Angeles [LAX]American Airlines15:5915:59SCHEDULED ⓘ

⚠ Upon arrival at Dallas Fort Worth Airport, the following delays will occur during the selected time period:

FLIGHT YV5746 from Lafayette to Dallas is cancelled

FLIGHT YV5761 from Jackson to Dallas is cancelled

FLIGHT YV5781 from San Luis Potosi to Dallas is cancelled

All DFW arrivals, delays and cancellations of Dallas Fort Worth Airport (DFW). The actual DFW arrival time can be found in the arrival column. If a flight is canceled or delayed, you will find the flight status in the status column.