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Airport Statistics for Cortland | CTX

Here are interesting and constantly updated airport statistics for Cortland airport. The data is from our constantly updated flight database. Jump to: Delay Index, Airport Movements Chart, Delay Index Chart. You are welcome to use our Cortland airport statistics on your website, social media or other publication with source (link). The latest arrivals and departures can be found at Cortland arrivals and Cortland departures

Delay Index
The Delay Index shows the percentage of all takeoffs which were delayed (delay > 15 Min). It ranges from 0 to 100 and less is better.
Average Delay
This number shows the average duration of all delays in minutes (delay > 15 Min)
Cancellation Index
The Cancellation Index shows the percentage of all takeoffs which were cancelled . It ranges from 0 to 100 and less is better.
Airport Movements Airport Movements count all takeoffs and landings at this airport in the chosen period

Cortland Airport Movements

How many flights take off and land in Cortland?

This chart shows all airport movements for this airport. A movement can be a takeoff or a landing, which are summed up in this chart. You can switch on takeoffs and landings seperately by clicking them in the chart legend.

Airport Delay Index

This chart shows the Delay Index. It represents the percentage of delayed flights (takeoffs). For example: if there are 10 flights on a day and 5 are delayed, then the Delay Index would be 50%. You can show the average delay duration by clicking on the item in the legend. It shows the average duration (in minutes) of all delays on a specific day.

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