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Google reviews
Cor Veth 23.09.2023
Nice app, easy to use and contains all information needed. Perhaps it would be good to look after the language used in the program. Some elements are in German, instead of English.
Martin Greaves 16.09.2023
Very good up-to-date information 👍
Joy Quiogue 05.08.2023
The app is really helpful in guiding people and keeping them on track of their family. I’m happy to use the app and encourage my family to do the same.
Betty Jones 27.06.2023
Watching the grandkids flight into KC from Orlando to check weather and the flight path all in one map has been so convenient. This sight also has arrival gates and time information provided live and updated for easy pick ups.
Muhammad Iqbal 16.05.2023
Wonderful public dealing by Booking ,Staff,Ground Crew and cabin crew.Islamic and Arabic Hospitality ,Humane attitude and Passanger care.
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