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green skeleton 23.01.2023
This tracker related accurate and timely information that I needed when I needed it! Thank you and keep up the good work!
nahshon avni 18.01.2023
Very easy to use. First time i try it. and not the last
Shahnoor Ahmed 02.01.2023
Excellent. Gives both local and destination arrival time as I tracked my sons flight to LHR, the countdown to landing clock on top of the page is also is a great idea.
Joe Willie 29.12.2022
This really helps you to track wherever the flight is at a particular point in time. This tends to let you how many flight hours left and if you are meeting someone at the airport, you will be able to know when to arrive at the airport
Debra Jones 04.12.2022
Easy to read format. Love the progress bar for the flight, and that we can see if it's departure was delayed with the impact it will likely have on the arrival time. It's also helpful that you can set alerts to your phone for any changes that occur to the flight plan. That means I can actually sleep, knowing I'll be notified if something happens to the timetable. So that I can adjust my timetable, if needed, for leaving to pick up people at the airport. Thanks!
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